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Vocalist21... Imagine all the possible applications... 
      • Auto call attendant/Voice Mail/Paging System
      • 24 Hour 'Hotline' and Info center
      • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
      • Automated outbound calls
      • Fax-on-Demand system
      • Fax broadcasting system 
      • And lots more .... 
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Simple to Use GUI Applications Builder 

Vocalist21 is a graphical applications generator for building sophisticated voice and fax integrated systems. You can visually construct a tree structure for the logical call flow of your application without programming.

Use Our Library of Template Applications 

In many cases, our ready-to-use template applications will fulfill all your needs with minimal modifications. Templates are currently included for LAN-based VOICE MAIL and AUTO-ATTENDANT, FAX-ON-DEMAND, and ORDER ENTRY. New templates can be downloaded from our growing library as they are developed.

Create Voice Prompts and Fax-on-Demand Documents with Ease 

Voice recording is easy with Vocalist21 Voice Recorder utility. Using a microphone and a sound card, you can quickly record voice files in the standard WAVE format directly to their corresponding mailboxes. The Fax Recorder allows you to convert pages from any Windows application into Fax-On-Demand documents by printing to the print capture driver

Open Telephony Development Architecture & Database Connectivity 

Vocalist21’s open architecture makes it easy to link your telephony applications to other programs and data sources through DLLs and custom controls. All function blocks are written in Visual Basic. The source code for these blocks is included so that you can modify or create your own functions to suit your needs.

What's Inside Vocalist21

Vocalist21 - Basic System Overview

Vocalist21 - The Program Components...
        • The Vocalist21 Manager
        • The Phone Simulator 
        • The Vocalist21 Engine 
        • The OLE Voice Function Server 
        • The Scheduler
        • The LAN Messenger

The Vocalist21 Manager = Fast development 
The Vocalist21 Manager Makes application development Fast and Easy. The Vocalist21 Manager is the advanced graphical development environment where you create, load, and configure your applications. Building blocks, represented by mailboxes, are visually defined by properties such as telephony functions and voice prompts. They are linked together according to your application's call flow. With Vocalist21 Manager's point and click interface makes it possible to quickly create and modify sophisticated telephony applications without the need for programming codes. For full details just   
      The Phone Simulator Tests Your Applications
With the Phone Simulator Developing and Testing Your Applications Becomes So Easy. With the Phone Simulator you can test your application with just a sound card. Use the Phone Simulator keypad as a touch-tone telephone to enter the DTMF digits. It is a simple but accurate environment to evaluate your application. In this user friendly test mode, you can modify the call flow and record voice prompts as required. For full details just  
The Vocalist21 Engine Runs the Application
At the heart of the Vocalist21 is the Vocalist21 Engine, a robust run-time program which interfaces the voice and fax hardware, synchronizing all hardware activities. It continuously requests voice function instructions from the OLE Voice Function Server. Running as a state machine the Vocalist21 Engine effectively handles up to 64 lines. For full details just   

The OLE Function Server allows new Features

The OLE Voice Function Server Makes Additions of new Features an easy task. It manages a set of high-level function properties which define characteristics of a mailbox. It is a programmable function server that allows users to easily add new features either by redefining or by modifying provided Visual Basic function codes. For full details just  
The Scheduler Manages All Outbound Events 
The Scheduler Manages All Outbound Voice and Fax Events Effectively. The Scheduler lets you schedule events of sending announcements for paging, telemarketing, opinion polling etc, or schedules fax broadcast events... You can either add the information of the destination accounts or import account database text files to the scheduler. And to make management easier, the Scheduler allows you to view current and pending scheduled events and log the list of completed and failed events. For full details just  
The LAN Messenger Retrieves over Network
The LAN Messenger Allows Message Retrieval Over the Network. LAN Messenger can be used to either play messages via a sound card, and to view message information across network. The LAN Messenger can run from any Workstation equipped with a sound card and having a network access to a shared directory containing the messages. Why spend more money on other complicated LAN-based telephony system when you can use the Vocalist21 LAN Messenger to achieve the same goal but cost-effectively! For full details just  
    Together, all of these components comprise a comprehensive and flexible platform for creating Interactive Voice Response and enhanced Fax applications - with messaging capability over a LAN. 

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Vocalist21 Manager
  • Powerful Visual Development Environment
  • The Vocalist21 Manager is the visual development environment where you customize the applications. With a database of high-level function building blocks - the Mailboxes - the Vocalist21 Manager allows you to create, define, and link them together based on the logical call flow of your applications. After completing your application, you can collapse or expand the mailbox tree to have a good overall view of your application's tree-structure. In case of need for any modifications, the Vocalist21 Manager's graphical user interface makes the maintenance of any application as simple as - just ‘point and click’... 

            • Tree Structure 
    The tree structure is the graphical representation of the voice menu and the application flow. This top-to-down and multi-level design provides a simple visual structure for you to modify and debug the application. With its unique point and click interface your applications are faster to develop and easier to maintain.  
            • Mailbox Properties 
    Each Mailbox is defined by choosing from an array of high-level functions such as DTMFmenu, Getinput, SelectFax, and configuring the selected function's set of properties to meet your application's needs. Users have the flexibility to add new properties or functions by writing their own - or modifying any function with a provided source code in Microsoft Visual Basic.  
            • Mailbox Links
    Once a mailbox function and properties are defined, you can use the Tones & Conditions table to branch out the links to other mailboxes. The Vocalist21 Manager allows you to make duplicates of the function and properties from a template Mailbox - thus saving a lot of valuable development time.  

  • Powerful Development Tools
  • The Vocalist21 Manager provides the Voice Recorder and the Fax Recorder to easily create and maintain voice and fax files within the applications: 

    • Easy To Use Voice Recorder 
    With the Voice Recorder you have the option to record voice prompts through the microphone that is attached to a 16-bit Sound Blaster card or its compatibles. All voice files are in 8-bit muLaw wave format. You can record, playback, copy and edit the voice files easily during the creation of your application.  
    • Print Capture Fax Recorder
    Print Capture Documents from Any Application Using Fax Recorder. The Fax Recorder lets you quickly create fax documents for your Fax-On-Demand applications in several formats. You can either print capture documents from other desktop publishing programs - or from fax documents straight into .PCX or .DCX file formats. Or you may also use any existing .TXT files for your documents. Just as the Voice Recorder, the Fax Recorder allows you to create fax documents while creating your application.  

    Vocalist21 Features and Specifications

    Vocalist21 Applications:
        • Auto Attendant / Voice Mail / Message Forwarding
        • 1&2-Call Fax-on-Demand / Fax Broadcasting
        • 24 Hr Hotline / Info center / Audiotex / etc. 
        • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform
        • Outbound Dialing / Telemarketing / Order Entry 
        • ...Plus Many More ... 
    The Application Generator Features: 
        • Drag and Drop GUI Interface
        • Comprehensive On-line Help
        • Create, Copy, and Remove Mailboxes
        • Clone Mailboxes with Template Mailbox
        • Mailbox Renumber 
        • Collapse and Expand Mailbox Tree
        • Voice Recorder / Fax Recorder
        • Multi Level Menu
        • Tones & Conditions Table for Mailbox Branching
    Mailbox Functions:
        • Play / Record Voice Prompts
        • Detect / Verify Touch Tone Input (Menu Selection)
        • Remote Control for Message Management
        • Multiple Language Support
        • Password Protection
        • Send / Select Fax
        • Office Hours / Holiday Settings
        • (Note: Mailbox Functions are expanded constantly)
      • Vocalist21 Exclusive
        • Automatic Caller ID determined Answering Mailbox / Mailbox Flow
    Auto Attendant / Voice Mail Features:
        • Call Screening (via ‘Caller announcement’)
        • Transferring to Back Up Extensions
        • Call Queuing / Call Waiting
        • Multiple Language Support
        • Message Forwarding
        • Blind Transfer Call Forwarding
        • Mailbox Remote Access Paging
        • Sending Caller's Number to Pager
        • Personal Operator
        • Holiday Scheduling 
        • Automatic Caller ID detection
        • ...Plus Many More ... 
      • Vocalist21 Exclusive
        • Internal - or External Music ('Marketing Message') On-Hold w/PBX
        • External Music-On-Hold with 'NO PBX' (optional hardware required)
        • Announcement on the speaker in 'NO PBX' mode
    Vocalist21 Administrative Features: 
        • Port Selectable Call Flow - (Multi-Company answering)
        • Call Monitoring / Logging
        • Call Scheduling 
        • Function Blocks Source Code Provided 
        • ...Plus Many More ... 
    System Requirements: 
        • Voice Hardware: Dialogic / Rhetorex / NewVoice
        • Operating System: Windows 95/98,  Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11
        • Voice Ports number: 2 to 64 Ports per PC
        • Fax Ports number: Up to 10 Ports per PC
        • Voice Format: muLaw WAVE Format
    Optional System Requirements: 
        • Fax Hardware: Satisfaxtion / GammaLink
        • Telephone System: PBX / Hybrid KSU / Centrex
        • Sound Cards: Sound Blaster 16 or Compatibles 
        • Accessories: speaker and microphone
        • Database: Database Accessible from Visual Basic
        • Programming: Visual Basic 4.0 for Professionals
        • Custom modifications Service Available

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