Step-by-Step Visual Demonstration (cont.)  
f. Complete the application

To complete this sample auto attendant application, we simply repeat steps a through e: create new mailboxes, define mailbox function and properties, record voice prompts, and use the Branch Table to create mailbox links. Now, we have an auto attendant application that allows callers to directly enter extension numbers to transfer the call or select 1 to transfer to Sales, 2 to transfer to Technical Support, 3 for Directory Assistance, and 4 to listen to general company information. (see Fig. 6)



By this demonstration, we hope to give you a closer look of Vocalist21. The Vocalist21 is designed with three considerations in mind: to provide an easy-to-use telephony application generator to optimize the creation process, to be an open platform that allows greater connectivity to various data sources, and to offer a solid foundation for expandibilities. Imagine the possible CTI applications that you can build with Vocalist21 now.

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