Programmable Function Server: The Vocalist21 Function Server
The Vocalist21 Function Server is a set of high-level functions that contain voice and telephony related actions and properties. The Voice Konnects Engine continuously requests instructions from the Function Server. The server responds with commands for the Voice Engine to execute instructions such as playing a voice prompt, detecting touch tone input from the caller, or sending a fax. Programmers can easily add new features either by writing new Visual Basics functions or by modifying existing functions.
Current Functions in the Vocalist21 Server
 Function Definition
 DTMFMenu  plays a voice menu, receives touchtone input, and jumps to another mailbox based on the input
 DoTransfer  transfers call, and takes message and/or phone number if there is no answer 
 DoRemote  allows remote access to play messages and configure transfer options
 GetInput  receives caller's touchtone input to verify or to retrieve information from a database
 PlayPrompt  simply plays a voice prompt
 SelectFax  selects fax document for fax-on-demand 
 SendFax  send fax documents via 1-call or 2-call fax-on-demand methods
 DoVerify  verifies callers' touchtone input (ie. password) 
 SetCounter  sets or resets a counter?
 DoScript  interpretes a scripted commands
 Initialize  initializes the Function Server for database access or other features

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