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PhoneOfficetm Multi line systems
PhoneOffice Multi 2 & 4
    PhoneOffice Multi-2 and Multi-4 are multi-line Voice Mail and Fax-On-Demand systems with the same intuitive Windows graphical interface and the same ease of use as the single line PhoneOffice models... and just as with the  PhoneOffice, everything runs under Windows. PhoneOffice Multi-2 is capable of handling two simultaneous phone calls and Multi-4 can handle four simultaneous calls. You can put both a Multi-2 and a Multi-4 in a single computer to set up a 6 (SIX) LINE line Auto Call Attendant, Voice Mail and Fax-On-Demand system.
    PhoneOffice Multi-2 and Multi-4 are solutions for your high end voice mail and Fax-On-Demand needs. Configure it into your phone system to create a multi-line Auto-Attendant and Voice Mail system. Or, set it up as a high volume Fax-On-Demand server that can service up to six people at the same time. PhoneOffice Multi-2 and Multi-4 have special function boxes that allows you to store touch-tone responses from the caller, to perform password verification, and to log caller access frequency. In addition, a high level API is available which make it possible to create your own custom mailbox functions. 

      PhoneOffice Multi-2 & 4, all the features of PhoneOffice,  


    Multi-line Configurations 

    PhoneOffice Multi-2 can handle calls on two telephone lines simultaneously while Multi-4 supports four lines. With combinations of Multi-2 and Multi-4, up to 6 lines can be installed on a single computer. There is one 9600 bps send/receive fax port which can be switched between any of the six voice ports. 

    Smart Greetings  

    Play different voice prompts based on the time of the day to greet your callers. 

    Function Box Generator 

    Provides you with additional function boxes to customize your application. The Data Entry box allows you to accept data from a remote telephone and save it as a TEXT file. The Go To box forces the call to jump to a specified mailbox according to a table in a TEXT file. You can use this box for multi-level password verification. The Pager Dialing box is very useful for a Pager Alert system. Your own custom function boxes can be created by High Level API (Application Programming Interface). 

    Information Center 

    Voice prompts guide callers to the voice information they need. A log reports information access occurrences. 

    Order Processing System 

    Voice prompts help customers enter data from their touch-tone telephone. Data entries can be confirmed. Entered data is saved in a TEXT file which can be easily accessed. 

    Wave Format Voice Files 

    PhoneOffice Multi-2 & 4 record voice and sound Windows 3.1 WAVE (OLE compliant) files with sampling rate of 5 K/sec up to 22 K/sec. The WAVE format allows you to use other Windows multimedia sound editing tools to edit the recorded voice prompts or to insert background music. You can record voice prompts with either a microphone or the telephone handset. A speaker output jack is also available. 

      Package Includes 
      • PhoneOffice Multi-2 (or Multi-4) 16-bit multi-line voice/fax board
      • PhoneOffice Multi software and manual
      • Telephone cord and adapters
      • Speaker with volume control 
      System Requirements 
      • IBM PC (386/486 40Mh & above) or compatible
      • 4 MB RAM Minimum (8 MB recommended)
      • Windows 3.1 and above
      • Hard disk drive with 20 MB available 

    PhoneOffice Multi DSP 2 & 4 
    The NEW Digital Signal Processing technology Multiline System! 
    The system capable of expanding to up to 6 4 L i n e s !
      This Automated Call Attendant Voice Mail, Fax-On-Demand, Enhanced Voice, Audio Text Info Center, Call Forwarding/Pager Notification (and 'much more') Multiline IVR System is the latest arrival to the Phoneoffice family, and it is loaded with a long list of new and unique features...
Its most important feature: 'unlimited' expandability.
    Designed as a replacement for the original PhoneOffice Multi the new Phoneoffice Multi DSP now breaks the previous 6 line limit. While up to 4 boards fit comfortably into a standard 486 desktop computer, (16 lines), up to 16 cards can be installed in a single system (industrial chassis with passive back-plane required) - for up to the incredible total of 64 lines! - and still functioning flawlessly in the Windows environment - and still totally in the background! 
Its strongest feature: unmatched reliability.
    Its high level of reliability, stability, and predictability of operation, no matter what the type of line environment, are achieved through the latest State-Of-The-Art DSP technology. The enormous improvement comes from the new designs and operation methods offered by this technology, where the System actually keeps a file on each individual line's condition, noise levels, events data (dial tone, hang-up, ring, busy, etc.). Consequently, this professional System hangs up immediately after the caller hangs up, it never cuts-off the caller, or prematurely stops recording a message, etc. ... - as it constantly 'listens, monitors, and compares' each individual line. It even automatically reboots the entire system should it 'hang' - or due to a power failure etc... 
      To learn more about the Multi DSP's unique power of 'line adaptability' - no matter what the Phone Line environment; also about its unmatched detection capabilities, and how the settings based on these make it an absolute 'sure fire performer' -  
A partial listing of other significant new DSP features: 
    1. - Intelligent options are added for 2-call Fax-On-Demand. The system will now automatically add the long distance prefix ("1" or any other), for long distance numbers if the caller does not include it. Also, a local area code is automatically stripped by the system if the caller unnecessarily enters it. 

    2. - In addition to the already existing Cover Page there is now a ‘Header Page’ - which contains the caller entered Extension Number - or even his Name spelled-out using the phone keypad - if ‘Alphanumeric’ option is chosen! (See screen below). This allows to have the extension number - or caller's name on the first page so that in any larger organization this will facilitate the delivery to the person who requested the fax. 

    Amongst many other settings, this is the screen which is used for Alpha - Numeric input for name spelling via the use of the keypad...

    3. - Another new feature is the option of allowing the caller with a Pulse dial phone (typically from overseas) to automatically reach the ‘Take Message’ box with no need to enter even a single digit. (In case of an operator answered call which was then manually transferred to a ‘No answer / busy’ extension). 

    4. - For extension ‘transfers’ that are announced on the speaker, i.e. on the Multi system which is not installed on a PBX, there is now a new type of ‘Music on Hold’ feature which plays the same prerecorded music (or a ‘Marketing On Hold’ type of a message about company's products or services...) on both sides: to the caller, and on the speaker. This new feature also eliminates the announcements that used to be heard on both sides in prior versions - and also includes the ability to have a different file playing on a different line - which also audibly identifies the line on which the call has come in. 

    5. - New Professional system greetings! The ‘professional voice’ announcements in the ‘Wave’ file formats, are now supplied with the Phoneoffice Multi DSP

    6. - Phoneoffice Multi DSP now provides the most unprecedented IVR (Interactive Voice Response) capability through the use of its ‘FUNCTION BOX’ feature - for a whole multitude of preprogrammed functions, each with a brief description associated with the individual function box..

The above is just the opening ‘FUNCTION BOX’ screen - and what follows is an entire section of very elaborate function box types ...for numerous details of which  
    7. - Following ready to run (or modify) Multiline sample applications are supplied with very powerful - and finished - IVR applications, such as: 
        • Auto Call Attendant
        • Information Center
        • Automated order entry
        • Voice Mail With Pager Alert
        • Fax Broadcast System
        • Hotel Style Wake-up Call System
        • Automated Telephone Polling System* 
        • Fax-On-Demand with custom features*
    8. - Additional powerful features included in the ‘IVR’ system: 
      • Simultaneous, multilingual capability
      • ‘Multi-company’ (can run a different application on each line)
      • Time of day message variables
      • Enhanced call transfer features- with message on hold - and announcement on the speaker (if not installed on PBX or Centrex)
      • Additional dial strings and numerous new options for enhanced extension transfer and even message light activation on more ‘PBX’s
    Examples of the Call Transfer enhancements...
    More examples of the Call Transfer enhancements...
    More new PBX default settings...
      • Auto Opinion Polling* with extremely flexible, powerful, and intelligent message delivery through auto recognition of human, answering machine, or fax answer - and appropriate delivery method in accordance
      • Interface with external Caller ID hardware/software
      • Interface to ‘Satisfaction’ internal fax modems for additional Fax-On-Demand delivery lines in the same system
      • Fax-On-Demand* version which Breaks the 1500 FAX Documents barrier! (This application extends the number of documents to the limits of the hard disk drive as in this version the fax documents are ‘referenced’ via a data base lookup.)
    PhoneOffice Multi DSP has already become the choice of some major end users - and there are already several 12-16 line installations - from the 'Big City Radio Stations'... (WNlCE/WDOZ, Detroit) to some renown world institutions (Muse du Jardin, Paris), etc. down to a 2 and 4 line systems in all other types of businesses... 

    So if you have been watching from the background what the Phoneoffice systems are up to, now is your chance to catch-up with the top system in the field - whether you are an end user looking for the most system for the least money - or a sharp reseller/entrepreneur looking for a profitable opportunity in selling large installations to the 'Corporate USA'... 

    This latest arrival to the PhoneOffice family of Call Attendant/Call Distributor, Voice Mail, Fax-On-Demand and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems is called 'Multi DSP' as it comes on a 2 - or 4 line - peripheral card, and it employs the latest state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing technology. And Multi DSP is truly bringing out a lot - for any business, small and large (or an in-between, growing one...) that is in need of the latest in IVR office automation. 

    Like its single line predecessors, PhoneOffice and the 'High End' PhoneOffice Plus, the Multi DSP is loaded with user friendly features and is very easy to setup even by a novice in the field. However, Multi DSP's true strength is aimed at the real 'power users' as well as the professional system designers in the 'Enhanced Voice and Fax' field. The reason: even in its 'basic mode' it comes with 9 ready to run - or modify - sample applications which by their names alone cover the entire gamut in this specialty. 

    From the obvious 'Auto Attendant', `Fax-On-Demand', 'Voice Mail' etc., to the elaborate - 'Information Center', 'Auto Order Entry', 'Pager Alert', 'TELE-Poll' 'Wake-up Call', 'Multiple Fax', etc. And with the hardware/software platform that interfaces with any user's application - to provide the true Interactive Voice Response through 'On-the-fly' look-ups - Multi DSP is the ultimate in its field. 

    And eventhough the industry prices may go up to 5 figures for any single one of these Applications, another one of Multi DSP's strongest points (besides its UPGRADABILITY to 64 LINES) is its price - it starts at $1675! (2 line system). This can fit the budget of any small business - even of a 'One man show'.. who does not want to sound that way! Multi DSP price also includes a platform for a 'Banking Application, 'Car search', 'Date-line', etc. .. with the ability to provide search results by 'playing' in real time of a voice file to the caller.. 

    So, if you have been putting-off your decision on a 'Super System' with a lowest price tag in the IVR industry, this latest release truly has some great news for you! After almost a full year of development, Version 6.10 is so 'chock-full' of major new 'Features, Fixes, and Functions', that what follows below is just a partial listing of an entire data base of such 'new items'! 

      And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, just a look at the two screens below will suffice to indicate the wealth of additional functions through the expanded functions of the 'Box types' in the Answering Function Settings, alone...
    As evidenced by the screens above and below, it takes 2 screens to show all the present Answering Function box types... 
There are actually a total of 10 (ten) types of just 'Function' boxes alone. 
For complete ‘FUNCTION BOX’ section details  (or skip this if you already read it in Point # 6 of the previous section - "A partial listing of ...DSP features".) 
Additional new DSP features - found in Version 6.10!
    1. Automatic maintenance (deletion) function for incoming messages with further options for deletion interval settings. 

    2. Each individual option within Remote Control can be now implemented separately either from the keyboard and/or remotely, and even the remote access is now simplified and much faster: If "Input box No. From VMSLINK(n).TXT" is implemented - then only one's password is needed to get instant access to the full remote functions... 

    3. New options in Remote Control such as: Message Delivery to a Group, or All 'Take Message Boxes', or any 'Take Message' box. 

    4. New options: 'LISTEN'.. and 'RECORD AGAIN'.. with caller selectable: Forward Message Immediately - or Just Leave a Message... 

    5. Message forwarding options now include 'Set forwarding number type as 1) Telephone; 2) Pager Number, and 3) Voice-Pager - with NUMEROUS further options and features... GUARANTEED TO WORK WITH ANY PAGER SYSTEM - ANYWHERE! 

    6. 'CALL TRANSFER' and 'TAKE MESSAGE' functions of any 'Transfer Box' can now be TOGGLED via Remote Control. 

    7. The new 'Quick data entry box' offers two TONE TABLE settings: 'GENERAL TONE TABLE' for access to a particular box as per the DTMF input and - 'SPECIAL TONE TABLE' for a 'Hot-key' assignment - allowing instant access to any designated box... as shown on the screen below..

    8. 'Play Greeting' Time of the day variables are enhanced so that now any PLAY TIME of any 'Greet file' can be individually set for a particular Day of the Week, Week of the Month, and even Month of the Year - in addition to any number of specific Holiday dates. This is accomplished via the combination of two screens below :
    Greeting Manager screen where the Greeting file time of the day is set. (Compare the complexity of Phoneoffice Multi DSP Greeting Manager screen vs. the original Phoneoffice 'Voice Manager' in the single line section...)
    Line Manager sub-screen where the day, week, and month is set. Also holidays. 

    9. In 'Transfer Call box', when the line is busy or there is no answer, and if the caller chooses to leave a message, the option of playing the BOX USER'S OWN GREETING before taking message has also been added. 

    10. 'FORWARD 5' and 'REWIND 5' - these are two important new features assessable from the screen as well as via Remote Control. 

    11. And now, probably the most frequently asked for, and most desirable function is also a reality! A proprietary 'FAX PRINTER DRIVER' now allows speedy printing of FAX-ON-DEMAND documents DIRECTLY from any Windows application! 

    12. In addition to the 'Global' ('System wide') setting for EITHER a One call, Two call, or Caller's choice method, there is now an ADDITIONAL SETTING in each 'Send Fax box' so that each Fax-On-Demand document can have its own individual setting!

    Additional settings of the 'Send Fax box' 

    13. The Call Answer Time for every call on each line is now included in each individual LOG(n).TXT file. ('n' = Line number). 

    14. The wait time between two DTMF inputs is now user setable in MAIL.INI file, of any 'Data entry', and 'Information' type box. 

    15. The relative inconvenience of 'external replacement' of 'Com Driver' for running FAX-ON-DEMAND function in Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Windows 95 is now eliminated! It is now instantly, automatically - and more elegantly - implemented at the time of installation! 

    16. On overwhelming customer demand, the Male 'System Voice' has been replaced by a nice and friendly Female 'System Voice' which installs straight from the original diskettes - no more need for copying-over of the female voice from separate diskettes. (The 'resident female voice talent' is available for custom recordings, so that all files, system and custom, can be in one voice.) 

    17. Voice recognition has been added as a condition/input for a transfer to a predetermined box on the same level as a DTMF input. Thus, even the overseas calls coming from pulse dial phones can now be processed just as if they were DTMF equipped.. Saying 'One' (or anything else in any other language) is sufficient now!

    18. Nearly the entire 2 separate manuals ('Getting Started' and 'Designer's Guide' - totaling almost 350 pages - and offered separately in a printed form) are now available 'On-line' and in context sensitive manner - with a mere click of a mouse. 

    19. Modifiable Interactive Voice Response sample applications included in all Multiline DSP Systems: 

        • 1- Auto Attendant
        • 2- Fax-On-Demand
        • 3- Information Center
        • 4- Morning Call
        • 5- Multiple Fax
        • 6- TelePoll
        • 7- Auto Order Taker
        • 8- Pager Alert

    But there is much more to know about it than what fits on this list: Since its introduction in the beginning of 1995, PhoneOffice Multi DSP has found its way in just about any business and any application imaginable - and not only throughout the USA and bilingual Canada but practically everywhere where there are Phones - and Computers! (There are now 'Default Settings' for 23 countries.). Actually, Multi DSP has proven itself in many diverse locations all over the Globe: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, The Caribbean, France, UK, Italy, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Belgium (US Embassies in Moscow and Brussels!), and even in Ghana and Nigeria - and many, many others... Its real strength is flawless operation in the 'harshest' Phone Line environments and in the truly demanding (Multilingual) applications that no other systems can touch - at any price! 

    In conclusion, what is described here - both in Version 6.10, as well as in the Multi DSP section - represents the crowning touches of a long term development and refinement process that the entire PhoneOfficetm products family has been in the course of - for several years now... It is a good sign of confidence that our customers have had in our products and also the fact that thousands of single line and hundreds of Multi line systems have been sold in USA and worldwide can serve to give confidence to anyone considering the PhoneOfficetm products... 

    But Convince yourself! Check it out for yourself! Call our system and put it through the paces... retrieve some documents... or just call to talk to our resident experts, who not only sell but also support the systems - so you will get answers to your questions straight 'from the horse's mouth'!... 

      Start by calling 714/641-1234, EXT 5, and - as you will hear when you call - you can chose from the following options: 
    • 1 - to retrieve complete information package consisting of 9 crisp fax pages
    • 2 - to retrieve the price list
    • 3 - to talk to the sales department
    • 4 - to talk to the technical support

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