Applications Generator: The Vocalist21 Manager

The Vocalist21 Manager is a visual development environment where you can create and customize your voice applications. Mailboxes represent high-level function building blocks. The Manager allows you to create, define, and link them together based on the logical call flow of your application.
Mailbox Properties 
Each Mailbox is defined by choosing from available programmable high-level functions such as DTMFmenu, DoTransfer, GetInput, SelectFax (see more in the Programmable Function Server - click 'Next" button on the botom of this page), and configuring the function's set of properties to meet your application's needs. Programmers have the flexibilites to add new properties or functions by writing their own or modifying the source code of the provided functions with Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0. 

Recording Voice Prompts with the Voice Recorder 
If the Mailbox plays voice prompts, you can easily record voices with the Voice Recorder. All prompts are in the 8-bit u-Law WAVE format and can be recorded through the telephone handset or through a microphone that is attached to a sound card capable of playing the u-law format (i.e. Sound Blaster 16 and most cards in Windows 95). You can record, playback, copy, and edit the voice prompts easily. 

Mailbox Links 
After a mailbox's function and properties are defined you then enter the tone inputs and conditions that branch from the mailbox to other mailboxes into the Branch Table. You can link to existing mailboxes or let the Branch Table create new empty mailboxes for you. The Manager allows you to make duplicates of a mailbox from Template Mailbox to save valuable development time.

After completing your application, you can collapse or expand a mailbox tree to have a good overall view of your application's structure. If any modification needs to be done, with the Manager's graphical user interface, the maintainence of the application is as simple as point and click.

How to create an application with Vocalist21 ? -- Check out the Step-by-Step Visual Demonstration  

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